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Moving to Portugal and school holidays: when are they?

So, you’re moving to Portugal and you still don’t know when the school holidays are? Find out when school breaks for holidays in Portugal, we keep your kids busy when it does!

The school year in Portugal is divided into three periods, regardless of the level. Dates vary from year to year and even from school to school, and international schools have different calendars amongst themselves as well, but generally the first period runs from mid-September to mid-December; the second period begins after the New Year, usually on or around the 3rd of January, and runs to around Easter time; and finally, the third period begins after the Easter holidays and ends at different times, depending on the level, but generally during the month of June.

We all know that school is very important… But le’ us be honest: school holidays are eagerly awaited by most children far more than school days! In Portugal, school holidays occur in three distinct periods:

  • Christmas - two weeks, one before and one after Christmas, including the New Year’s holiday;

  • Easter - two-week period before or after Easter, depending on the date for each year;

  • Summer - Also called as “big holidays”. Usually, they start in mid-June, depending on what grade the student is in and finish at the beginning of September.

  • There is also a three-day break at Carnival, which usually falls at the end of February or beginning of March.

All this free time can be a dilemma for most parents: how to keep your kids busy during school holidays? Search no more! Our holiday nannies are your best ally and the perfect solution to keep your kids busy and happy during school breaks. They are an endless source of fun activities, taking them to zoos, amusement parks, petting farms, book stores and public libraries, museums, or accompany them to all sorts of extracurricular activities, such as sports, music, dance, languages, painting, theatre, etc.. The hardest part it will be to choose what to do!

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